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Viro, also known as Bhero, is the secondary antagonist of season one of the TBS animated series Final Space.

He was voiced by Coty Galloway.


Viro is an alien cyborg whose life was unknown prior to the events of the series. Presently, Viro serves as the current second-in-command for the Lord Commander making his debut in Chapter One when the Lord Commander was torturously interrogating a man on the whereabouts of Specimen E35-1, otherwise known as Mooncake.

After the Lord Commander kills the man by snapping his neck with his telekinesis, he orders Viro to eat the corpse. Viro reappears later on, mistreating Little Cato by throwing food at him and insulting his father. Viro would systematically abuse Little Cato throughout the duration of the series, until Little Cato manages to deliver a message to his father.

Unbeknownst to Little Cato, the Lord Commander was actually driving Little Cato towards a trap designed to lure the Galaxy One to him. Viro disappears for the rest of the first season, being mysteriously absent from events such as the death of Avocato. However, towards the penultimate episodes of the season, Viro returns to assist the Lord Commander in decimating the resistance.

In Chapter 10, the Lord Commander manages to decimate most of the resistance effortlessly, leaving the crew of the Galaxy One as the sole survivors. Little Cato leaves to personally murder the Lord Commander as revenge for the death of his father. Little Cato succeeds at entering the heavy incinerator the Lord Commander is aboard, and he relentlessly shoots Viro, killing him instantly. As Little Cato was about to shoot the Lord Commander, the Galaxy One crashes into the heavy incinerator, sending Little Cato adrift.


  • He seems to be based on the minions that the Lord Commander initially had in the pilot.

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