Beverly Marsh is one of the seven members of The Losers' Club. She is sexually abused by her father, Alvin Marsh, and bullied by Greta Keene and some of the other students at school because of rumors of her being promiscuous. She is best friends with Bill Denbrough, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stan Uris, Ben Hanscom, and Mike Hanlon. Beverly also has a crush on Bill.


Physical Appearance

In the book she’s described as a really pretty girl with auburn hair that reaches her shoulder blades, lovely gray-green eyes and milky skin with a spray of freckles. In the 1990 mini-series, she has chest-length brunette hair and in the 2017 film adaption, she has red hair.



It (2017 film)

While Beverly is in the girls’ bathroom, Greta Keene bursts in and bullies her. Another girl pulls the trash bag out of the trash can, and proceeds to dump its contents on Beverly’s head; Beverly immediately holds her backpack above her head for protection. As Ben is getting his bike, Beverly steps outside and talks with him, telling him that Henry Bowers and his cronies are by the west entrance. She jokes around with him before introducing herself and signing his yearbook.

While Bill, Eddie, and Stan are in Mr. Keene's pharmacy collecting supplies to help Ben recover from his injuries that Bowers caused, Beverly is also in the pharmacy, and comes into their aisle to avoid Greta. They explain their situation to her, and she distracts Mr. Keene long enough for the three to sneak out with their supplies. As Eddie is attending to Ben's wound, Beverly turns up again, and Bill invites her to go to the quarry.

It: Chapter Two




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