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Bait Shop Owner is the primary antagonist of How to Eat Fried Worms

Role in the film

The Bait Shop Owner is an elderly fat lady that sells huge worms that are as long as a cat's arm to fishermen. Techno Mouth and Adam tell Billy that time is running out and that Joe wants everyone to meet him down by the river. Plug tells Joe and Bradley from their hiding place that some people call her a two-headed witch because she isn't friendly-looking and hates kids. When she's gone, the boys quietly sneak in and pay for the worms, but while the owner is out.

There, Benji cooks two worms "The Green Slusher" and "Radioactive Slime Delight.' When the owner comes back, she asks who's trespassing in her bait shop and all of the boys except Billy and Joe run out screaming in horror and she chases them away by swinging her bag at them.

She then looks around to find more trespassers and Billy and Joe are hiding behind her truck. Joe thinks that she might have gone inside and when they try to get away, she screams right into their faces. Billy and Joe back away, but she moves in closer to catch them but is scared off by Twitch and screams in fright. Billy and Joe run away from her and she hits Joe in the back with her bag.


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