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Too bad!
―Bad Cop

Bad Cop (also known as Good Cop) is the Secondary Antagonist of the Warner Bros and LEGO 2014 hit animated film The LEGO Movie. He was an ally of Lord Business but betrayed him when he finds that he is no longer use to him and now currently an ally of Emmet and his Friends.


While his past remains unknown, but he works for Lord Business and will do anything to help him glueing the entire LEGO Land. he is obsessed with Capturing Emmet to bring the Piece of Resistance to Lord Business which eventually succeeded.

He is an Evil Cop that does what Lord Business commands but when Lord Business erased his alter ego with a nail polisher and eventually betrayed him in the End, He has a change of heart and helps Emmet on his Journey in the First film with regaining his alter ego by drawing it with Permanent marker.

Physical Appearance

Good cop dressed in a Lego Black Cop Uniform, His head is yellow, and has double-sided printing. One side portrays his "bad" personality, and the other side portrays his "good" personality.

his alter persona, Bad cop has sunglasses with grey lenses and a determined expression and wears a black helmet.



  • His favourite hobby is kicking chairs around, as seen when he goes into a breakdown when interrogating Emmet and also when said character has escaped from Bricksburg.
  • the Think Tank room, when Lord Business tells Bad Cop he’s fired, he can be seen holding a pink suitcase with stickers on it.
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