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Aunt Em is the minor character of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. She is the aunt of Dorothy Gale and wife of Uncle Henry. She is portrayed by the late Clara Blandick.


She is kind, caring, busy, and stern.

Physical Appearances

Aunt Em has grey hair tied in a bun she is wearing a dress and a long apron and black shoes.


Live-action productions

1939 film

She is first seen counting the baby chicks with Uncle Henry. When Dorothy tried to explain about what Miss Gulch did to Toto but Aunt Em urges her not to bother them because they're busy. After Dorothy was saved by Zeke, Auntie Em arrives with crullers and orders her farmhands to get back to work.

When Dorothy tries once again to explain about what will happen to Toto but Aunt Em sternly tells her to stop imagining things, help them out, and find herself a place where she won't get into any trouble. Miss Gulch arrived to take Toto away Aunt Em tells Miss Gulch that Toto is very gentle with gentle people but Miss Gulch won't have any of it. Aunt Em among with Uncle Henry are forced to give up Toto which upsets Dorothy and Aunt Em was furious and told off Miss Gulch.

Later when the tornado appears Aunt Em is seen calling for Dorothy after she ran away from home and she, Uncle Henry and the farmhands went into the storm shelter. Later she is seen in the crystal ball calling to Dorothy and a distraught Dorothy tells Aunt Em that she's here in Oz and locked up in the Witch's castle but the image of Auntie Em disappeared as Dorothy begs her to come back.

She is last seen at the end of the film placing a cold compress on Dorothy's forehead as she repeats the magical phrase. Aunt Em tells her to wake up. She comforts Dorothy and assures that she just had a bad dream. She also tells Dorothy that we dreamed lots of silly things and Dorothy says "There's no place like home."

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