Ash Graven is Fox's sister and the main character who appears in the second season of Final Space

She is voiced by Ashly Burch.


Ash has light blue skin, pink eyes, and long pink hair that covers her nonexistent right eye. She wears a black, body glove-like garment with black, fingerless gloves, a gray cowl with purple vertical lines and matching skirt with a simple purple snake head on the front, gray gauntlets with purple screens on her forearms, pink leggings, gray boots with purple knee pads, a pink snake armband on her upper right arm, an amulet with a pentagon shaped gem around her neck, and a magenta choker. She has a tattoo of one of the dimensional keys on her left arm.

Powers and Abilities

Ash has been shown to have Dark Energy-like powers which gives her Pyrokinesis, Levitation, & Telekinesis. When her powers are active, she is surrounded by a purple aura & the white of her eye turns black. However, she does not have full control over her abilities and needs to be triggered by something (such as thoughts about going to prom with her old crush, Jordan Hammerstein) in order to use them. In "The Grand Surrender", the origin of her powers are revealed. She gained them after watching her sister Harp get eaten by their home planet's snake god. She used her powers to escape but accidentally killed her parents in the process


  • Ash Graven is only a main character along with her sister Harp Graven.
  • Ash likes Little Cato and is a little obsessed with him.
  • In "The Toro Regata", she admits it by accident.
  • In "The Happy Place", she made him jump with her and say she likes his fur.
  • She is hinted to have a doll made of Little Cato's hair.
  • Ash has a tattoo of one of the dimensional keys on her left arm.
  • Ash has a birth defect where she only has one eye which is her left eye.
  • Her name means "sculpted ash".

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