E.P. Arnold Royalton is the main antagonist of the film 2008 live-action adaptation film Speed Racer. He is portrayed by Roger Allam. He owns Royalton Industries and is a fierce competitor of many companies, one of them being Togokhan Motors.



Physical Appearance

Role in the film

Speed Racer

In the film he offers Speed Racer a contract to be his driver alluring him with the good life. However, Speed later refuses, opting to keep the family feel of his team. Royalton then reveals that Speed has been disillusioned all this time and that all races are fixed with the outcome benefiting the sponsors. He threatens Speed that he will ensure he will not even finish a single race. He and his ally Cruncher Block later contract Snake Oiler to dispatch of Taejo Togokahn and later Speed Racer in Crucible, a no-holds barred rally race. This attempt fails which ends with Snake Oiler losing the race and Cruncher Block ending up arrested. Royalton later sics his GRX on Speed Racer at the Grand Prix with Jack "Cannonball" Taylor as the driver.

During a bout in the race it is revealed that he had equipped the GRX with Spear Hooks (which are illegal in the Grand Prix) which caused Royalton Industries to be disqualified. He is later exposed for all of his other acts of corruption with the help of Taejo Togokhan as a star witness when a newspaper article states that Taejo Togokhan has agreed to testify against Royalton and Cruncher Block. Royalton later ends up in jail for race fixing.



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