April Showers is a 1948 American musical film directed by James V. Kern and written by Peter Milne. The film stars Jack Carson, Ann Sothern, Robert Alda, S. Z. Sakall, Robert Ellis and Richard Rober. The film was released by Warner Bros. on March 27, 1948.[2][3][4][5]


A married couple who have a song-and-dance act in vaudeville are in trouble. Their struggling act is going nowhere, they're almost broke and they have to do something to get them back on top or they'll really be in trouble. They decide to put their young son in the act in hopes of attracting some new attention. The boy turns out to be a major talent, audiences love him and the act is on its way to the top. That's when an organization whose purpose is to stop children from performing on stage shows up, and they're dead set on breaking up the act.



Bosley Crowther of The New York Times said, "Even with expert presentation, this would be an insufferable tale. As played by Jack Carson, Ann Sothern and a kid named Robert Ellis, it is death. Mr. Carson, who had some experience as a vaudevillian before he hit the screen, draws on his memories so fondly that he blithely rips the whole show apart. And Miss Sothern, who obviously knows it's useless to intrude, just stands around and clucks. But the youngster—well, in the manner of the true vaudevillian, we suppose, he tries to out-mugg Mr. Carson. He and vaudeville—and almost we—are killed in the act."[6]


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