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Another Cinderella Story is a 2008 teen comedy musical dance film directed by Damon Santostefano and starring Selena Gomez, Drew Seeley and Jane Lynch. It is a sequel to A Cinderella Story (2004) and the second film in A Cinderella Story series. The film was released on DVD on September 16, 2008.

The film was followed by A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song (2011).


Mary Santiago, a high school senior aspiring to become a dancer, was adopted by washed-up pop star Dominique Blatt because Mary's deceased mother was one of Dominique's dancers. At home, Dominique and her snobby daughters Britt and Bree treat Mary as a slave, while at school, Mary and her best friend Tami are bullied by Britt, Bree, and the school's queen bee, Natalia. Joey Parker, a famous celebrity and pop star, has returned to school for his senior year and to remember why he started dancing, accompanied by his best friend, Dustin/The Funk. He is also hosting a dance contest where the winner will be his partner in his next music video.  Natalia is Joey's ex-girlfriend and determined to get back together with him.

Joey hosts a dance class that Natalia, Britt, and Bree attend. Mary sneaks behind the one-way mirror and is the only one able to match his moves, but her cell phone rings and she flees. Later, Dominique, hoping to revitalize her career, asks Joey to perform a duet with her while Britt and Bree hit on him, but he refuses and brings up a time Dominique insulted him on TRL.

The school holds a masked ball, but Dominique goes partying and orders Mary to clean Dominique's incredibly filthy room by the time she returns at midnight. Fortunately, Tami contacts her sister's boyfriend's family, who owns a cleaning service and agrees to clean the room, then Tami provides them with dresses and they attend the ball. Tami and Dustin dance while Mary and Joey dance, with neither recognizing the other. Mary and Joey stun everyone with their skill, but Britt and Bree spill a bowl of M&M's and Mary slips. Joey helps her up and pulls off his mask, shocking her, then asks who she is, but she notices a clock ring fifteen minutes to midnight and runs home, arriving just before Dominique does. She left her Zune behind which Joey picks up.

The next day, Joey announces to the school that he must find the mystery girl from the ball and presents the Zune, saying whoever can announce the top four played songs on it is the one. A bunch of girls (and a few boys) get in line and try to do it, obviously failing. Britt and Bree deduce Mary is the mystery girl and threaten to release an embarrassing video she made when she was eleven if she tries to tell Joey. Tami convinces her not to care about that and she tries to tell him, but he thinks she was sent by Dominique about the duet and blows her off.

At Britt and Bree's birthday party, Dustin recognizes Tami as his dance partner and flirts with her after proving his identity. Mary tries to tell Joey again, but Britt and Bree play the video, making everyone laugh at her. She runs off in tears, but Joey catches up to her and says it is okay and he's realized she was the mystery girl, asking her on a date. Later, Mary receives a letter saying she has been accepted by the Manhattan Academy of Performing Arts, but when the academy calls to confirm it, Dominique answers and claims Mary has two broken legs.

Attempting to stop the date, Britt and Bree give Mary a ridiculous number of chores, but this backfires when Joey helps her with them and makes them fun by dancing through them. She helps him write his next song. He invites her to his house, but when she arrives, she sees through the window Natalia on top of Joey in bed and runs off in tears. Dominique insincerely comforts her and claims the academy called to reject her.

Joey and Dustin are confused when Mary and Tami give them the cold shoulder and confront Tami, who berates Joey for cheating on Mary. They clarify Natalia broke into his house trying to seduce him, but he drove her away. Tami agrees to help them. The dance contest is up and Tami and Dustin convince a still angry Mary to attend. A Manhattan Academy representative is there at Joey's invitation. After Britt, Bree, and Natalia put on lackluster performances, Joey calls Mary to the stage and convinces her to dance with him and perform the song they wrote together, then clarifies that he did not cheat on her. Mary wins the contest and Natalia admits Mary is better than her. The representative scolds Dominique for lying and says Mary was accepted by the academy. Dominique tries to leave, but trips and falls off the stage, ironically breaking both of her legs. Mary and Joey kiss.

As Mary, Joey, Tami, and Dustin load her belongings in a van, a wheelchair-bound Dominique begs her not to go, but Mary and Joey share another kiss and drive away.


  • Selena Gomez as Mary Santiago
    • Mia Aida Duran as Mary at 3 years old
    • Nicole Muñoz as Mary at 11 years old
  • Drew Seeley as Joey Parker
  • Jane Lynch as Dominique Blatt
  • Emily Perkins as Britt Blatt
  • Katharine Isabelle as Bree Blatt
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy as Tami
  • Marcus T. Paulk as Dustin aka The Funk
  • Nicole LaPlaca as Natalia Faroush
  • Lynda Boyd as Evie Parker
  • Garwin Sanford as Rod Parker
  • Colin Foo as Lee-Ha
  • Camille Mitchell as Regina Cretikos
  • Tiffany Burns as Doreen Smithe


Amber Wilkinson of Eye for Film gave the film, four out of five stars and praised the musical aspects, saying that "the song and dance numbers are so well-handled and catchy, it's a shame there aren't more of them." However, she also said that the "characters are so wafer thin they barely cast a shadow."[1] While Wilkinson says that the film is completely different from A Cinderella Story, Lacey Walker, reviewing for Christian Answers, notes several aspects of the two films that were directly parallel to each other. Walker also gave it three out of five stars, praising the script, saying the writers "peppered this story with a surprising dose of humor and some pleasing plot twists." However, Walker specifically criticized the "glaringly obvious" age difference between the 15-year-old Gomez and the 25-year-old Seeley.[2]


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