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Animaniacs is the first of several soundtrack albums from the TV series of the same name. It was released on November 16, 1993 on CD and cassette on Kid Rhino Records. There were no plans to release a digital version of the album until 2020 when the album was released digitally.


  1. Animaniacs
  2. Yakko's Universe
  3. Schnitzelbank
  4. What are We?
  5. Yes, Brothers Warner We
  6. Yakko's World
  7. Wakko's America
  8. Video Revue
  9. I am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual
  10. I'm Mad
  11. The Planets
  12. The Etiquette Song
  13. I'm Cute
  14. The Senses
  15. Be Careful What You Eat
  16. Let the Anvils Ring
  17. Animaniacs (extended version