Accidents Will Happen is a 1938 American drama film directed by William Clemens and written by George Bricker and Anthony Coldeway. The film stars Ronald Reagan, Gloria Blondell, Dick Purcell, Sheila Bromley, Addison Richards, Hugh O'Connell and Janet Shaw. The film was released by Warner Bros. on April 9, 1938.[1][2]


Eric Gregg is an insurance investigator whose avaricious wife Nona wants him to make more money. After he solves a case and is promised a raise, Nona buys a fur coat on credit, misses a payment and perpetrates a fraud with the help of Thurston, the loan company's boss.

Eric ends up losing his job after a rival, Dawson, exposes the fraud. Eric and a cigarette girl, Patricia Carmody, begin pulling insurance scams of their own. Nona ends up marrying Thurston and leaving him. When the law comes after them, it turns out Eric and Patricia have been working undercover, so Nona and Thurston go off to jail while Eric gets back his old job, plus a raise.



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