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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is a 2019 American teen comedy musical film written and directed by Michelle Johnston and starring Laura Marano and Gregg Sulkin. It is the fifth installment of A Cinderella Story film series. The film was released digitally on October 15, 2019, and DVD on October 29, 2019.


Katherine "Kat" Decker (Laura Marano) is a young teenage girl who dreams of becoming a great singer-songwriter. Unfortunately after her father, Jason, died, she is left in the care of her evil, snobbish stepmother, Deirdra (Johannah Newmarch), and her two equally cruel and snobby stepsisters, Joy (Lillian Doucet-Roche) and Grace (Chanelle Peloso). They work Kat to the bone as a servant, have full control of her inheritance, and take a big percentage of her wages from work. Kat's goal is to make enough money to move out of her home and pursue her dreams.

Kat works at "Santa Land", a Christmas entertainment park, as a singer along with her best friend, Isla (Isabella Gomez), under the eye of their strict boss, Mr. Mujiza. There they meet a new employee as the new Santa, who, unknown to them, is really Dominic "Nick" Wintergarden (Gregg Sulkin), son of billionaire, Terrence Wintergarden (Barclay Hope), and after Nick sees Kat perform, he is smitten by her.

Deirdra wants to go to a charity event Terrence is hosting, but she doesn't have a way to get in. Then through Grace's mumbling, she suggests taking advantage of Terrence's personal connection to Kat's late father. They devise a plan to enter the charity event as Deirdra being the widow of the late Jason Decker and her two daughters. However, a letter from Terrence requests the presence of Deirdra and Katherine Decker, so Joy will be impersonating Kat to make the scam work in their favor while leaving the real Kat in the dark with nothing.

As Christmas Eve nears, Nick and Kat become attracted to one another. Nick then gives Kat an invitation to the Wintergarden charity event, much to Kat's surprise and bewilderment, and she accepts the invitation. The next day, Nick reveals his true identity to Kat, and tries to encourage her to do the same but she doesn't. Kat, while reluctant to go to the event with Dominic, is expressing her desire to not go; however, Isla persuades her to do so and gives her a green dress they saw at an expensive boutique store which Isla had handsewn herself.

The next morning, however, her stepfamily steal her dress and Deirdra burns her invitation to prevent her from going. Kat calls Isla about what her stepfamily did, and is informed that Dominic has invited her to come over to his home and hear her sing with his friend. When she does come over, Kat gets an unfriendly appreciation from Nick's friends, especially his girlfriend, which eventually causes her to leave.

On the day of the charity event Kat catches her stepfamily in possession of her late father's snow globe. During the altercation to get it back the snow globe breaks and the stepfamily leave her heartbroken. While sobbing, Kat's dog stumbles upon the invitation letter from Terrence. Realizing their intention of using her identity, she becomes more determined to stop them. To help Kat get in the event and stop the stepfamily, Isla uses her position as a dressmaker for the events main show to help her pass as one of the elf performers. But before Kat can get to Terrence, she is forced to go on stage and perform, which she does poorly. In the middle of the performance, both Deirdra and Nick see Kat and both try to get to her. Nick's girlfriend tries to get together with him, but Nick breaks up with her over Kat.

Kat unintentionally knocks out one of the performers in the show, and is forced to be the Snow Queen for the next part. Kat is reluctant at first, but Isla convinces her to sing. Nick and Kat finally find each other with Nick apologizing for hurting her and Kat for ruining the show. Before leaving, Nick advises Kat to follow her dreams for her father. Though nervous at first, Kat gives a wonderful performance to the audience with a new song she wrote.

After the show, Nick introduces Kat to Terrence. After hearing Kat's problems with her stepfamily and her financial insecurities, Terrence offers to help her with her problems as a last wish to his late friend, then he orders Deirdra, Joy and Grace to leave. Nick and Kat finally accept each other and they happily dance together.


  • Laura Marano as Kat Decker
  • Gregg Sulkin as Dominic Wintergarden
  • Isabella Gomez as Isla
  • Barclay Hope as Terrence Wintergarden
  • Maddie Phillips as Skyler
  • Johannah Newmarch as Deirdra Decker
  • Lillian Doucet-Roche as Joy Decker
  • Chanelle Peloso as Grace Decker
  • Garfield Wilson as Mr. Mujiza

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