'Baby' is the youngest of the Short siblings. Her brothers were the first to find and use the Wishing Rock. Loogie made a wish that accidentally made her 'super smart'.


Before Loogie wishes her smart, she's just an ordinary baby. After she gains her incredible intelligence, 'Baby' seems to know how the Wishing Rock works and all of the good and bad things that could come from it.


  • 'Baby' doesn't use the Wishing Rock.


  • 'Baby' gains some telekinetic powers with her super intelligence, which she uses to fire the catapult and to freeze a crocodile in mid air.
  • When the brothers think about using the rock to wish for world peace, 'Baby' gets rid of it before they can, saying she calculated that they would have 'screwed it up'.
  • 'Baby' seems to be able to feel the Wishing Rock's emotions, saying that it grows upset at being used for such petty wishes.
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